Are Smartphone Cameras Getting Better Than DSLRs?


The technological advances that have been made by smartphone makers have many people wondering if their smartphone is as good as a dedicated camera like a DSLR. But the answer is NO. A smartphone camera can never be better than DSLRs as there are a lot of factors that are necessary to be considered to rule out this discussion. Let’s read the key points

1.Image Sensor Size

There are different sensors used in different cameras. When different sensors also include different sizes of sensors. A basic DSLR can have a crop sensor or APS-c sensor and it sizes about 23.6 x 14 mm (the size again will vary with different manufacturers). And to hold this size of the sensor the smartphones have to be made bigger. Relatively there are other bigger sensors such as Full-frame and it sizes about 35 X 24 mm, which is almost twice the size of the APS-C sensor. There is a Medium Format sensor and it sizes about 53 x 40 mm. It is really hard for smartphone manufacturers to build a phone to hold a sensor of this size.

As the sensor size increases the light captured by the sensor is more and does a good job in low light situations.

2. The Blur (Bokeh)

The smartphones use software to manipulate the background blurs in the image. Even the software is not so perfect to bring the blur that is produced optically (using the lens only). I tried creating a Bokehlicious image using a leading smartphone and the blur is not masked well. Sometimes it cuts out the edges of the subject and gets it blurred too.

3. Interchangeable Lens

This is one of the most loved features of a DSLR for all pro shooters. It is always necessary to use the right lens for the right type of photography. And DSLR allows you to change lenses based on the requirements. There are almost different varieties of lenses for landscape, portrait, wildlife, architecture, low-light and more.

4. Features

Though smartphones capture great images, DSLR offers more flexibility over the features listed below. The below list is only a few but DSLRs offer more.

– Kelvin Scale White balance adjustment

– Metering Modes

– Auto Focus Modes

– Multiple Exposures

– Shutter and Aperture Priority Modes

Are Smartphone Cameras Getting Better Than DSLRs?

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