What Are All The Things You Can Do With Your Old Smartphone?

So, you have bought the brand new PhoneX Smartphone. But you don’t want to dump your old smartphone. Well, here are some creative ideas for putting your old smartphone to work.

1. Burner or Backup Phone

if your old smartphone is still in working condition, you can use it as your second phone. It can serve various purposes. You can use it as your data backup in case your new smartphone gets lost or dies. It will be a safer choice to carry your old smartphone instead of a new one for a beach outing, camping trips or any other places where your new PhoneX could get damaged.

A second phone can also be a handy data backup if your new phone runs on the same operating system. Make sure the old phone is loaded with the same apps and cloud access as the new phone. That way, if you lose the new phone or it breaks, you still have access to all of your cloud-based contacts and photos, and you won’t fall behind on your favorite social media feeds.

2. Gps Device & Car Stereo

Every time you sit in a car, you probably plug your smartphone into the dashboard mount, power cord, and connect to your stereo via Bluetooth. And then you have to disconnect everything again when you exit.

Depending on how you use your phone in the car, you can save yourself some trouble by turning your old phone into a dedicated car stereo and GPS device.

This will not be as useful if you make a lot of hands-free calls in the car and your old phone does not have its own active calling plan. But if you primarily use the phone to play music and podcasts, and real-time driving directions, this may help.

3. Security Cam or Baby Monitor

Do not spend money on monitoring a child! There are many cool apps that can turn any smartphone’s camera into an inexpensive baby monitor or home security camera.

To use your old phone as a baby monitor, mount it within a few feet of the baby’s cradle and download apps like Dormi (Android) or Cloud Baby Monitor (iOS). Both apps pair your old and new phone so that you can see and hear the child from anywhere. Alerts are included when the child is crying and the ability to talk to the child remotely via phone.

4. Digital Photo Frame

This is a great idea for older tablets or larger smartphones. Place it on your desk or coffee table and use it to stream continuously updated slideshows of your digital pixels, as well as online photos from your social media stream.

Apps like LiveFrame (iOS) and Day frame (Android) will not only display photos on your device and from cloud-based photo libraries like Google Photos or Flickr, but they will pull in new photos from your Facebook, Instagram, and other social media friends.

5. Donate to a Good Cause

Instead of recycling or reselling your old phone and pocketing the cache, consider donating it to an organization that will use the device to help others.

Sprint’s 1 million project aims to donate one million phones and tablets and free high-speed Internet access to high school students. And the non-profit Secure Call distributes donated phones to domestic violence shelters and senior centers for use in 911 emergencies.

What Are All The Things You Can Do With Your Old Smartphone?

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